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Talk to your clients directly with Video
Let us create the perfect platform for you to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your clients using VIDEO
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We do
(complete small Business MAGNIFICATION):

  • Video and film production for business and products.
    (Including training DVD's and web-based advertising.)
  • Product Photography
  • Brand design, corporate identities and development
  • Business Cards
  • Facebook, Twitter integration
  • Letterheads
  • Print design for your "above the line" adverts
  • Email signatures
  • Domain Registration
  • Website design and implementation/maintenance
  • Monthly Newsletter, Website, Blog, Facebook and Twitter maintenance support.
  • Large Scale Signage for Building and Billboards
  • Vehicle Wrapping and Signage
What we're up to:
Latest Happenings

Rudi Kesting Director at Production Projects

"It's fun to work with Leon and get exactly the results we need. Wonderful material."

Ashton Fourie Management and Organizational Development & Change Consultant at Huisman Equipment B.V. (China)

"Leon is a man of upstanding values and integrity.
He is versatile and I have watched him over the years adapt himself with ease to a variety of industries, always quickly excelling in whatever field he chooses to apply himself. This seems to stem from a combination of natural versatility, and a good knowledge of his own strengths.
One of his greatest strengths is probably the ease with which he establishes relationships, and the ease with which he wins trust when engaging in new relationships.
I believe that Leon will always contribute value to any team or client organization in which he gets involved."

Danial Read

Optron Geomatics / Trimble: Regional Manager, East Coast, RSA

"Leon has a high degree of professionalism and was great to work with. He is determined and at the same time accommodating.
He comes highly recommended."

Contact Us:
| email: smallbusiness@magnification.co.za | Mobile: +27 (0)72 099 1434 | Directions: MAP